FIREFRUIT offers guidance and creative support in a changing world where new standards emerge or when a look may feel dated.

Limited screen estate and input options, such as on mobile phones and PDAs, present new challenges. This is one area in which we specialize. Information on a web may need to be restructured, a graphical interface may need an overhaul or new features need to be added. Product teams may need some external assistance in creating visuals or a prototype to present to management or customers. We be livein user centered design, UCD. That is, development should be driven by user requirements rather than technological capabilities. We offer a fresh external perspective, technological solutions and creative assistance.


  • UI DESIGN Graphical user interfaces for mobile phones, PDAs and regular applications.
  • WEB UI DESIGN User interfaces for interactive web applications and services.
  • ICONOGRAPHY Actual device and development framework dependencies need to be considered in iconography projects.


  • Pre-study reports
  • Dummy/prototype presentations
  • Style guides & templates
  • Artwork

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